Port Llast

Port Llast (formerly Grath’s Hold) stands on the High Road some thirty-five miles north of Neverwinter. It is a small town of 700 folk mainly known for its skilled stonecutters and excellent harbor – a small bay sheltered by a high, rocky spit, with a fine beach and inlet. The port is overlooked by cliffs on which boulder-hurling siege engines have been placed. Port Llast is ruled by a First Captain, and is closely allied to Neverwinter (largely for protection from Luskan, who desires a more southerly harbor for its warships).


The harbor is home to a twelve-boat fishing fleet, but two of the ships are in very poor repair. The inland of Port Llast’s prime mercantile enterprises are quarries on the coastal headlands just south of the village. Other than harborage or stonecutting, there is little else to recommend it to the traveler today, for it is a tense, suspicious place, always expecting treachery or attack from Luskan.

The Cracked Anvil

Blacksmith Haljal Throndor is the smith who runs this forge. He is quite skilled at all manner of ironmongery. The establishment is easily found by the cracked anvil displayed in front of it.

Whaelgund’s Wheelrace Wagonworks

Port Llast is home to a competent wagonworks and repair shop run by the stout, jolly Whaelgund, who never stops talking, laughing, or cracking jokes. His attempts to sing are simply ghastly.

The Jack and Saber

The Jack is an average tavern in all respects, from its smoke-filled air to its low-beamed, dark taproom, to its furniture that has seen better days, to its patrons who have also seen better days. You can afford to miss this one.

The Alliance Arms

There is a single inn in Port Llast. It’s well built, but rather dour—a no-nonsense place to sleep. Its ever-present mop-and-broom maids are a surprisingly rich source of local information (after a drink or two).

Port Llast

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