Athkatla was the capital city of Amn. Considered a pilgrimage site for followers of Waukeen, the City of Coin was rumoured to have streets paved with gold. This was, of course, untrue, especially in the slums and the notorious Docks districts, where people were poor and crime was rife.

Just about anything was acceptable in Athkatla and actions that would be illegal or immoral in other lands were tolerated. The law permitted nearly anything including lewdness and slavery.

Athkatla is ruled by the Council of Five (formerly the Council of Six). Although council positions were once held anonymously, the council members now rule openly. The five council positions are held by: House Selemchant who sponsors the Cowled Wizards of Athkatla, House Dannihyr which belongs to the Shadow Thieves, House Alibakkar, House Ophal and House Nashivaar which is closely allied with the Church of Cyric.

Locations of Interest

Church of Cyric

Guild of the Cowled Wizards
Secret rooms beneath Jann Lane

Slave Holdings


The Slums

The Gilded Fountain

A pilgrimmage site to many, merchants or otherwise, this fabled fountain bestows whoever tosses a coin in good fate and prosperity beyond measure. It is filled with the treasure of three kings, and yet the poor are still poor. Its waters are harmful to the touch, preventing those of thirst from drinking the water or fishing out coins.

Waukeen’s Promenade

One one of the most impressive structures in Athkatla. It is a huge marketplace, twice the size of Waterdeep’s market and built as an oval stadium surrounded by terraced 50-foot walls. The Promenade has 75-foot-wide levels for consumer and mercantile traffic. From the upper levels falls some shade to the lower ones. The most expansive areas for merchants is the entry level on the ground or the first terrace over the entry arches. Greater guilds and merchant houses have monopolized that area of the market. Wide ramps lead up to the terraces where additional stalls and booths provide anything and everything from across the Realms. The city guards are constantly patrolling the market and therefore only a few illegal or magical items can be found at Waukeen’s Promenade.

DC 10 lore check – The Promenade is also a place where clandestine meetings are often planned for unlawful business, which actually takes place elsewhere.


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