Northwest Faerûn

Food of Faerûn

Brassla is a traditional Luskan dish of boiled rice which is then added to finely chopped and fried eel, fish, frog, mouse, onion, and oyster.

Waterdhavian cheese is pale with holes and came from Waterdeep. The cheese is available in most bars in the city and was commonly eaten by the nobility also. It has a sharp and tangy bite.

Yak butter is a soft cream cheese made from the milk of a yak. It is made in the Spine of the World, Khazari, and the Hordelands. It is a mild and delicate cheese but has a more characterful flavor than a typical cream cheese. The best yak butter is made in the spring after the first major thaw.

Drink of Faerûn

Sleeping Dragon dark is a drink brewed by Thrun Samallahan at the Sleeping Dragon, an inn near Rassalantar on the Long Road north of Waterdeep. The drink is made from the local oats and barley and has a nutty flavor with a pleasant bite.

Zzar is a fortified wine that Waterdeep is famous for. It has an orange color and an almondy scent. Most elves disdain it.

Manycherries wine is a popular wine served in Waterdeep and consumed by nobles.

Sparkling Evermead was a mead found in Waterdeep. It was served at balls and fancy gatherings.

Baldur’s Gate Pale was a type of ale served in the North.

Northwest Faerûn

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