Zalmaris Thalias

The head of Alma, a silver empire.


580 years old


Zalmaris Thalias brought elven craftsmanship to Waterdeep to sell his wares. He made a huge profit as the only skilled elven whitesmith, and over the next hundred years of his life, secured a hold in jewelry and ornamental business. Kings and queens seek him out to design custom-made designs and ornaments on their swords, armor, and robes. Alma jewelry is renowned across all of Faerûn, where such luxuries are purchased. However, the majority of his business is now done by sweatshop halflings and children, and the quality is much lower.

Now in his golden years, he leaves much of the diplomatic work to his son, Almaris.



(wedding portraits of himself and his wife, Caelynn Víìringol (Vee-eye-rin-goʊl), mother of Caelynn and Almaris Thalias)

Zalmaris Thalias

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