Caelynn Thalias

A fierce, independent spell caster with fine taste and an ever changing hair color.






Caelynn was born in a large country home outside of Waterdeep, one of many Thalias family estates. She was raised in the summer home, along with her twin brother Almaris, by a team of family nurses, only getting to see her birth parents when they took holidays.

Once the twins were old enough to attend school, their father took them to the family’s mansion in Waterdeep’s wealthy district. Both children were educated by the finest tutors money could buy, learning math, letters, and swordplay. Almaris showed a natural skill with numbers, and was groomed by his father to take over the family business. Caelynn had a much harder time focusing, and though she was brilliant, did not excel in her studies.

One of her father’s closest friends, Sildar Hallwinter, noticed that the girl quickly mastered the magical power inherent in elves, and suggested alternative education for her. From that point on, while Almaris learned trade and statecraft, Caelynn was taught the arcane arts. She learned quickly how to manipulate The Weave, and would bring it to bear whenever she could. As Caelynn reached her rebellious young adulthood, she began calling herself Kay (in order to distance herself from her mother for whom she was named) and would pick fights with local boys, egging them into conflict in order to show off and test her magical skills.

Thalias_Family_Crest-page-001.jpgHer father soon realized that Caelynn was a firebrand, and that he had to do something to restrain her, as he worried that she might bring negative attention to the family. He agreed to kill two birds with one stone, and made a deal to marry his daughter off to Glenn Orbison, the son of Chairman of the Wagonmakers’ and Coach Builders’ Guild Francis Liam Orbison.

Though Glenn was a nice enough young man, and the marriage would have secured an economic and political edge for Alma, her father’s company, Kay adamantly refused. When her father insisted and locked Caelynn away in her rooms, the course was clear. The next morning, when her father went to check on her, the entire outside wall of her bedroom was gone, as if a bomb had gone off, and his daughter was gone. The next day, one of the Guild’s manufactories went up in flames, and the message “Sorry Glenn, not sorry Dad” was burnt into the side of a wagon.

Kay headed north. She donned dark, hooded clothes, cut her hair, and changed its color in order to mask her identity. No longer under her father’s thumb, Caelynn is finally on her own, and is somewhat at a loss for what to do.

Caelynn Thalias

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